Thursday, September 1, 2011


We went to GI Dr. this morning.  Just added another medication to treat possible reflux.  Andrew has gone from hardly taking any meds a year ago, to now taking six.  However, we did receive some good news in the mail when I arrived home.  He has an appointment with the Shriner's Hospital on October 5th.  I can't wait, even though we will need to leave out at 4am to arrive by 7am.  I'm looking forward to finding out more information regarding his orthopaedic issues as well as getting help for him.

 He has started horseback riding therapy and really enjoys it.  I can tell by all of the noises he attempts to make when they bring him back to me, you can just hear the excitement in him!  We hope this will help strengthen his core muscles as well as promote some language development as it has for other children.  His brother, Matthew, went horseback riding also to help with his anxiety.  He actually was able to enjoy it without thinking about school for an hour.

Andrew has been having some nights of more sleep now.  He is still getting up, but there are some nights it is only once or twice.  This is a big improvement to where we were a month ago.  I'm still sleep deprived, just not as much.  I'm thankful to be getting some sleep, even if it's not a full night! There are some nights he doesn't seem to be having as many seizures as he was.  We have an appointment with the neurologist next week to see what they want to do.  Continue to remember him in your prayers as well as our family!  Remember....It is HOPE and FAITH that keeps us all going!    

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