Friday, May 18, 2012

Sign the Petition in honor of Andrew and all with Special Needs!

I created a petition to bring about change in North Carolina.  According to North Carolina G.S.115c-325(e)(1) that lists reasons a teacher may be dismissed or suspended from his/her duties does not mandate that the district take these actions.  Also, NC G.S.115c-325f1 and G.S.115c-325f2 gives the superintendent authority to suspend staff immediately based on reasons listed in NC G.S. 115c-325(e)(1).  However, the reasons listed are not very specific and does not mandate action and therefore leaves it up to the discretionary of the superintendent.  I am pushing for change so that all school districts will be required by law to dismiss any staff from his/her duties when they have bullied a student in any way.  Change must be made to protect our children instead of protecting those that choose to abuse our children in the classroom.  Please join me in signing this petition in support of all children.

Thank you for your support in this fight for change to help protect our children.  This needs to be done in all states across the country.  This is becoming a growing problem, especially among our special needs children.  These children are vulnerable and need protection against those that choose to prey upon them.  Lets send a message that we will not tolerate these behaviors and allow school districts to cover them up!

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  1. I don't know if it has been brought to your attention, but there is a very strict "no touching" policy in Union County schools. I was physically assaulted by a very large football player in middle school and the faculty and staff refused to take action against him because of his prowess on the field and because it would cause race issues.

    My parents hired an attorney and went to the police. Nothing was ever done to the principal, teacher, or student, but they put that law into motion in an attempt to curb such behavior in the future. If i remember correctly, it it includes touching between students and teachers as well.

    I remember the terror of being hit (with a ruler) by a teacher when I had done nothing wrong. I had the voice to speak out with at Andrew's age. It enrages me that he has to deal with this without one.