Saturday, December 24, 2011

Families at Christmas...

Christmas is a joyous time of year.  I get just as excited as my children do.  However, I'm a  little like Andrew.  All of the family gatherings can be overwhelming.  For him, a crowd in a small room can be overwhelming.  He is also out of sorts due to one of his medications changing on Fridays.  It's in the form of a patch that is changed once a week.  Therefore, Saturdays are usually his hardest day, which now happens to be Christmas Eve.  We did limit this day to only one family gathering.  It's especially difficult having to visit another home.  This family time is hard for me as well.  It's not just Andrew having difficulty during this time, but also myself trying to deal with family where there's very little to no understanding of the situation.  I tend to have more patience for him and my other children than for the adults who know better.  They also don't make any accommodations for Andrew.  I'm finding it hard to attend this gathering, which I am doing out of obligation.  However, if I see the situation is causing stress on any one's part, Andrew and I will be leaving early.  I look forward to tomorrow, Christmas Day!  We have planned it so that we won't be attending any family gatherings and have told everyone that they are welcome to visit.  My boys do much better in their home environment and we don't have to worry about anyone making any accommodations for my boys.

I hope and pray that during this Christmas season, that this family has a change of heart in regards to Andrew.  My hope is that they can look at Andrew's beautiful smile, and find acceptance for all those that are differently-abled.   

We are like a lot of other families.  The most stressful times during Christmas is getting together with family.  Andrew and I are looking forward to tomorrow when it's okay to just be who we are and to celebrate this miraculous holiday.  Merry Christmas!

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